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Emasex-A Vitex
[Translate to Englisch:] Emasex kann Paaren bei Problemen im Bett helfen.
Problems with sexual performance? An old problem – a new solution! EMASEX helps the man to increase his virility in a natural way and allows him to experience the most intimate times with passion again

Tips for self help with impotence: Alternative virility increasing remedies

The alarm is great when in spite of erotic foreplay the penis does not quite want to become stiff. The cause for the erectile dysfunction at this particular moment is not easy to identify. Alternative virility increasing preparations and behaviours with occasional erectile dysfunction can help that penis stiffening works better - taken by themselves they can unfortunately however not achieve any miracles.

[Translate to Englisch:] Mann beim Sport: Alternative potenzsteigernde Mittel gibt es zu Hauf

Acupressure, hypnosis & Co.: Unconventional virility increasing methods

Apart from the classic treatment methods with allopathic medicines or non-prescription virility agents, several unconventional means and ways are available that may be suitable for self help with impotence.

With acupuncture against impotence tiny needles are inserted at certain places of the body (not in the penis) which are intended to release happiness neurotransmitters in the brain. Above all with psychologically related erectile dysfunction acupuncture is thereby said to cause some alleviation. A similar objective is followed by acupressure, a virility increasing method with which certain energy points are massaged or stimulated by means of pressure.

For self help with impotence there is for example the following exercise from acupressure:
Take up an upright sitting posture, form the hands to fists and with the knuckles press and massage the lumbar muscles. Perform the massage once a day.

Further unconventional virility increasing methods that are said to improve the virility are:

  • Hypnosis: This method is targeted towards influencing the subconscious through the therapist. Also the learning of self hypnosis as virility increasing method is possible for home use.
  • Pelvic floor gymnastics: The pelvic floor refers to the muscles that enclose the pelvis towards the bottom. They are important for maintaining the erection when the blood has accumulated in the penis. Through specific gymnastic exercises men can learn to feel and use the muscles.
  • Aroma therapy: Fragrant oils such as ginger, cardamom or sandalwood can have a stimulating effect.

Conclusion: If you occasionally suffer from erection disorders and you are initially more concerned with relieving stress to be able to better concentrate on the partner again, then these alternative virility promoting measures may be a first step. Should the erection ability be disturbed over a longer period of time then the additional intake of supporting medicinal products for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction may be helpful.

Self help with impotence in everyday life

An unfavourable lifestyle can co-promote an erectile dysfunction. In everyday life you can therefore contribute much towards remaining sexually fit and healthy or towards improving your virility. Do not be concerned, there is no need to change your whole life! Try out the following everyday "virility remedies":

  • Engage in sport 2-3 times a week for about an hour – not more often! Moderate exercise, for example swimming, trains the circulation and blood vessels, however strenuous endurance sports reduce the sexual excitability.
  • Dispense with alcohol for getting in the mood for sex: Although this increases the sexual desire it does however impair the erection ability.
  • Take cold showers: A short shower ritual ensures better circulation in the groin area. For this first shower the legs cold, then the right arm, chest and shoulders, then the left arm, the back, both sides of the groin and finally the lumbar area.

What is decisive is that these tips for self help with impotence are applied in support of other effective and long-term therapies with erectile dysfunction. A healthy and diversified structuring of the everyday life can for example helpfully support the treatment with natural virility promoting remedies. The probability of regaining the full virility through self help, acupressure and Co. alone is however rather low.

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