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Emasex-A Vitex
[Translate to Englisch:] Emasex kann Paaren bei Problemen im Bett helfen.
Problems with sexual performance? An old problem – a new solution! EMASEX helps the man to increase his virility in a natural way and allows him to experience the most intimate times with passion again

Increasing virility – which possibilities are helpful?

Therefore anyone no longer able to "be a man" in bed often suffers from anxiety and self-esteem problems. "What is wrong with me?" and "For how long will she stay with me if I am unable to offer her any sex?" are examples for thoughts that may be going through the head. Fortunately effective remedies are available to increase the virility - so in most cases men can enjoy fulfilling sexuality again.

[Translate to Englisch:] Potenz steigern: Reden mit dem Partner kann ein erster Schritt sein.

A real alternative: Increasing the virility with natural means

Do you believe that big problems require strong remedies? If things are not working out with the erection do I need a prescription from the physician? This is not absolutely necessary: Natural remedies from the pharmacy to increase the virility have a much longer tradition than prescription virility pills. These are usually understood to be herbal preparations that have the effect of increasing the sexual desire and/or the virility. As no prescription is necessary for purchasing they are suitable for a straightforward self therapy and in addition they are usually well tolerated. Medicinal plants that are used for treating erectile dysfunction are for example

With these natural virility remedies erectile dysfunction can be alleviated within the scope of the initial treatment, and also treated after unsuccessful attempts with prescription medicinal products. You can easily acquire herbal medicinal remedies at a pharmacy – also online.

Increasing virility with prescription medicinal products

Apart from herbal medicinal products numerous prescription medicinal products are available that increase the virility. These can be prescribed after an examination through the physician. To verify which medicinal product is suitable the physician first conducts a comprehensive anamnesis with the afflicted person. Subsequent to this a physical examination is performed.

Then the physician will introduce suitable medicinal products that increase the virility. Preparations that come into consideration are for example:

  • oral medicinal products (taken by way of the mouth) such as phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors
  • preparations with the active substance prostaglandin E that are to be applied locally on the penis

The final choice then also depends on which other medicinal products you are already taking, which previous diseases are present and which application method you prefer. Here you can read more about prescription medicinal products.

Self-help tips and alternative remedies to increase the virility

In addition to the selected therapy with erectile dysfunction alternative healing methods and simple tips in everyday life can increase the virility. Some men swear by pelvic floor gymnastics or stimulating fragrances such as ginger. But also moderate sport and regular exercise, or abstinence from alcohol can help that things work out better with the erection. Especially when relieving the emotional strain that causes the virility problem is involved self-help measures or alternative healing methods can provide alleviation. Here it is worth trying out what is helpful and at the same time gently supports in increasing the virility.

What increases the virility? First thing is talking!

Not a real virility remedy but nevertheless prerequisite for a successful treatment: If you find that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then it is best to talk with your partner about it. Conversations about virility problems are important for two reasons: Firstly unspoken things in the partnership may have been the cause for the erectile dysfunction in the first place. Secondly, the emotional pressure that develops through the reluctance to talk can increase the erectile dysfunction, even if a physical problem was the original cause.

One more tip: Also involve your partner in the individual decision about "what increases the virility". What you may find to be helpful may be unsuitable for your partner for many reasons.

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