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Emasex-A Vitex
[Translate to Englisch:] Emasex kann Paaren bei Problemen im Bett helfen.
Problems with sexual performance? An old problem – a new solution! EMASEX helps the man to increase his virility in a natural way and allows him to experience the most intimate times with passion again

EMASEX®-A vitex: Prescription free virility remedy from the pharmacy

The Internet, drugstores and newspapers are full of them: Tips about virility remedies that can be purchased without a prescription and which are claimed to resolve erectile dysfunction in a natural way. Who can still maintain a good overview? We guide you safely through the jungle of non-prescription virility remedy recommendations!

[Translate to Englisch:] EMASEX®-A vitex, das pflanzliche Potenzmittel, wird in der Apotheke verkauft.

Non-prescription virility remedies: Effective and well tolerated

Basically it's quite straightforward: There are 3 types of medicinal products that are often applied with erectile dysfunction:

Counted amongst the first group are medicinal products that may only be dispensed at the pharmacy on submittal of a medical prescription. Hereby patients are to be protected against possible and serious side-effects of the preparations.

Virility remedies such as EMASEX®-A vitex are usually able to be purchased at the pharmacy without prescription because the responsible Federal authority has classified them as being well tolerated. Non-prescription medicinal products that are only available at the pharmacy are therefore suitable for users who wish to engage in self therapy and who thereby do not wish to expose themselves to any serious or unknown side-effects.

Freely available remedies against erectile dysfunction are for example teas, fragrance oils or food supplements that are used as supportive measures to increase the virility but which do not help against specifically defined disorders. They are for example available on the Internet or at drugstores.

Conclusion: Non-prescription virility remedies from the pharmacy contain safe, qualitatively harmless ingredients and are well tolerated. Online pharmacies are also in possession of a licence to sell medicinal products and are therefore a good option for discreetly purchasing medicinal products.

The advantages of a non-prescription virility remedy

It is easy to make jokes about erectile dysfunction, to talk about it with others, but not if you yourself are concerned. So also discussing about it with a physician can become emotional agony. Although a medical examination is always helpful with erectile problems, non-prescription but pharmacy dependent virility remedies such as EMASEX®-A vitex offer many advantages – amongst them discretion.

The advantages of non-prescription virility remedies in overview:

  • natural active substance from herbal medicine such as Vitex agnus castus
  • can be purchased discreetly and comfortably online from home or at the local pharmacy
  • fast start of treatment possible

EMASEX®-A vitex is therefore suitable for the simple, natural self treatment of erectile disorders and is a good alternative to prescription medicinal products. With questions on the application, dosage and intake duration the package leaflet will help you further.

One more tip: In preparation for your purchase of EMASEX®-A vitex at your local pharmacy you can print and take along our comfortable order form.

EMASEX®-A vitex: Not only prescription-free, but also with marketing authorisation

The special feature of the prescription-free virility remedy EMASEX®-A vitex is additionally that it specifically addresses the needs of the patients for a clear application area and a plausible efficacy: According to the German pharmaceuticals act homeopathic medicinal products do not require marketing authorisation but must be registered - but however without approval for specification of a specific indication. EMASEX®-A vitex has however been subjected to the marketing authorisation procedure.

The result: EMASEX®-A vitex is a purely homeopathic medicinal product with the approved defined indication "for the treatment of sexual disorders with men" according to the German pharmaceuticals act. Affected individuals can therefore trust in the quality, the application area and the harmlessness of the medicinal product.

Inform yourself about the homeopathic mode of action of the natural virility medication EMASEX®-A vitex.

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