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Emasex-A Vitex
[Translate to Englisch:] Emasex kann Paaren bei Problemen im Bett helfen.
Problems with sexual performance? An old problem – a new solution! EMASEX helps the man to increase his virility in a natural way and allows him to experience the most intimate times with passion again

How does the herbal and homeopathic virility remedy EMASEX®-A vitex act

Many virility remedies promise a fulfilled love life and an improved quality of life through the fast re-establishment of the erection. But if sexual disorders are to be permanently relieved a long-term therapy is often helpful. For this herbal and homeopathic virility remedies such as EMASEX®-A vitex are suitable that have the goal of achieving a comprehensive and natural improvement of the virility.

[Translate to Englisch:] Pflanzliche Potenzmittel bewahren die Natürlichkeit beim Sex: Ein Pärchen im Freien.

Sexual desire promoting and virility increasing: The herbal virility remedy EMASEX®-A vitex

EMASEX®-A vitex is effective with erectile dysfunction thanks to its herbal ingredient Vitex agnus castus, also known under the name Monk's pepper. The medicinal plant in EMASEX®-A vitex contains valuable substances (for example secondary plant compounds and essential oils), which are virility increasing as well as sexual desire enhancing. Stated more precisely the Monk's pepper used in EMASEX®-A vitex balances irregularities in the hormone level of men. The herbal virility remedy therefore combats various hormonal causes of the erectile dysfunction:

  • It reduces the prolactin level, a hormone which with elevated concentration in men can lead to erection problems.
  • It makes the testosterone level increase, which leads to an increased sperm production and arouses sexual desire.
  • According to initial indications it triggers happiness receptors and can thereby improve the general well-being.

The result: An increased sexual desire as well as an improved virility and more zest for life - for more naturalness during the hours of sexual intimacy.

The homeopathic dilution: Monk's pepper as virility remedy

The right dosage and processing of the herbal virility remedy are decisive for the sexual drive promoting and virility increasing effect. The homoeopathically dosed Monk's pepper in EMASEX®-A vitex is a tried and tested herbal virility remedy for improvement of the erection and for increasing the sexual drive. Nevertheless it can come to irritations regarding the mode of action when one comprehensively informs oneself about the active ingredient Agnus castus. The first question is for example how the Monk's pepper acquired its name.

This is easily explained: Before it was discovered as a homeopathic virility remedy Monk's pepper was used in the Middle Ages by monks who wanted to suppress their sexuality with it. As a pure, undiluted herbal extract Agnus castus has a libido reducing effect and can suppress the sexual activity.

According to the homeopathic principle "similia similibus curantur: similar is cured by similar“, in its application as medicinal remedy the Monk's pepper in EMASEX®-A vitex is specially processed and diluted so that a reverse effect sets in.

Put simply: Monk's pepper can do both. Undiluted (as pure plant extract) it inhibits the libido, whereas in the homeopathic pharmaceutical form it increases the sexual desire and has a virility enhancing effect. This is important to consider in case you encounter contradictory information.

In the homeopathic virility remedy EMASEX®-A vitex the active ingredient is dosed in such a way that it optimally supports the virility and activates the self-healing forces of the body. In addition the homeopathic processing has the advantage that the already low side-effects of the plant extract are minimised.

Conclusion: Through the homeopathic dosage the Monk's pepper becomes an effective herbal virility remedy and for adult men of any age it is a practically side-effect free possibility for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can acquire EMASEX®-A vitex quite simply without prescription at the pharmacy.

The application of the homeopathic virility remedy: Simple and discreet

Men who wish to treat their erectile dysfunction holistically and over the long-term should take EMASEX®-A vitex tablets regularly over a time period of at least one month. After medical consultation the medicinal remedy can also be applied for a longer period. So that EMASEX®-A vitex can have the optimum effect, 1-3 tablets should be taken spread over the day. For this one simply allows the homeopathic virility remedy to dissolve on the tongue. The great advantage compared to some medicinal products subject to medical prescription: The effect does not directly depend on the time of the intake.

You will find further information for use as well as information on possible interactions of the medicinal remedy in the complete package leaflet.

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