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Emasex-A Vitex
[Translate to Englisch:] Emasex kann Paaren bei Problemen im Bett helfen.
Problems with sexual performance? An old problem – a new solution! EMASEX helps the man to increase his virility in a natural way and allows him to experience the most intimate times with passion again
[Translate to Englisch:] Bei Erektionsstörungen hilft EMASEX®-A vitex: Packshot.

EMASEX®-A vitex: Homeopathic remedy with erectile dysfunction

Irritability, loss of the self-esteem up to social isolation: Erectile dysfunction is often a great burden for affected men and should therefore be treated before serious problems develop. At the same time many men desire a gentle and holistic therapy for their erectile dysfunction without side-effects. Thanks to its herbal ingredient Vitex agnus castus EMASEX®-A vitex has a sexual desire promoting and virility increasing effect. At the same time it relieves the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction according to the homeopathic drug profile and helps affected individuals to gain more naturalness during the most intimate hours.

Balancing the hormones with Emasex®-A vitex

EMASEX®-A vitex utilizes the strength of the medicinal plant Vitex agnus castus, also known under the name Monk's Pepper, to increase the virility and to activate the libido. The violet blossoming plant has its name from the most well known users of the herbal active ingredient: During the Middle Ages monks used Vitex agnus castus at different dosages to suppress their sexual drive. You may be asking yourself why Monk's Pepper in EMASEX®-A vitex is used against erectile dysfunction. Quite simple, the homeopathic dosage is what makes the difference:

Through the homeopathic processing of the active ingredients the medicinal plant in EMASEX®-A vitex has the opposite effect. It balances the male hormone metabolism and thereby activates the sexual desire. For this the starting substance, the plant extract, is strongly diluted and the original effect of the reduction of the sexual drive is thereby reversed. The regular intake of EMASEX®-A vitex can thereby

  • reduce the prolactin level,
  • increase the testosterone level and
  • trigger "endomorphins“ (dopamine receptors, "happy hormones") in the brain.

The result: An improved virility, an increased sperm production and an increased sexual desire. We have compiled more information on the effect mechanism of EMASEX®-A vitex for you here.

Dosage and application of EMASEX®-A vitex

EMASEX®-A vitex is available in pack sizes with each 50 or 100 homeopathic tablets without prescription at the pharmacy. The application of EMASEX®-A vitex is simple and offers a great advantage compared to prescription dependent medicinal products to increase the virility: The effect is not directly dependent on the time of the intake.

So far as the physician has not prescribed differently EMASEX®-A vitex is taken 1-3 times daily after the meals without liquid. Allow the tablet to slowly dissolve on the tongue. As EMASEX®-A vitex follows the goal of a long-term improvement of the virility the medicinal remedy should be taken regularly, at least over one month. After consultation with the physician, due to its good tolerability the application of EMASEX®-A vitex may take place over a longer period of time. In addition to this individuals suffering from diabetes may also use EMASEX®-A vitex.

Before taking EMASEX®-A vitex

Before you take EMASEX®-A vitex or if you are unsure about the application please read the package leaflet or ask your physician or pharmacist.

You will find the complete package leaflet of EMASEX®-A vitex with dosage, possible interactions and application here.

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